Christusträger Bruderschaft

The Brothers

In common with all Christians is our calling to follow Christ. We have chosen to express our calling as unmarried men.

Br. Thomas mit Br. Mathias
Br. Thomas mit Br. Mathias

Like Jesus, we want to be a brother to others and share our faith and our gifts. The gospel is the source of our life. His riches offer us strength and inspiration. Our simple listening leads to multiple concrete actions. Our wish is to fulfil God’s will together by listening to His word in the Holy Scripture and in the stillness of prayer, by being attentive to our neighbour and by being open to the challenges of our time.

We live celibate as a community of Brothers together, and in personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our lives become creative and fruitful as we give ourselves to God and to others. We share everything in common, which gives us a solid  foundation and freedom to act.

If you are interested joining our community you are first invited to explore your vocation in the short term, after which both sides make a firm lifetime pledge.

The best way to learn about our community is by meeting us. We welcome your participation with our life as Christians and as Christustraeger.

Becoming a Brother

We need reinforcements! Men with a longing for God, for meaningful work, for the fellowship of a Brotherhood. We want to create a significant challenge to the status quo of our culture.


There is nothing special about us, we are just a small community with a great commission: to tell others that there is a wonderful and good God, and that it is worth living for Him.

If you wish to consider becoming Brother please contact Br. Thomas to arrange an appointment for a visit or a stay in the house. It takes time to get to know each other without any pressure. If both sides agree that this is the way forward, a so-called Novitiate period of two years can begin. A Novice lives in Community on a similar basis to all the other Brothers. During the first year the Novice gains first hand experience of all areas of work in both the German and Swiss houses. In the second year he will take on responsibility for a specific task. It is important to us that a Novice is challenged in his personal and spiritual development by our support and by external courses.

If a calling to become a Brother becomes clear during the novitiate period, a commitment for another two years will be made. Final vows can then be undertaken. Decisions concerning the work and whereabouts of a Brother are made with regard to his gifting and the opportunities in the Community.

In this as in all aspects we are open to God’s guidance. Any questions? Please contact Br. Thomas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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