Christusträger Bruderschaft

Christustraeger Community

Foundational to our Community is the joyful discovery that Christ is alive and dwells in us, as in all Christians.


By sharing life together we are able to create the space to support other people on their faith journey. This is how we can share the gifts and faith that have been entrusted to us.

The legend of Saint Christopher has inspired us. Living on the banks of a torrential river, this man served God his whole life long by helping people cross the water. This is how he wanted to serve God. One day while carrying a child on his shoulders, Christopher recognised that it was God he was carrying.

With this same simplicity, we want to serve God in our ordinary lives. In the world, but not lost within it, because His presence shelters us.

Christustraeger – Christ-bearers. Like Christopher, we expect to meet God in our everyday life. In serving him, we learn to love him. Over time we find that we are being carried by Him, and in this way we practice being brothers of the Master, Christ-bearers.

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