Christusträger Bruderschaft


Gut Ralligen on Lake Thun in Switzerland has been home and guesthouse for us since 1976. At present five Brothers and one novice, along with volunteers who live on or off site, offer hospitality to guests and pilgrims.


Gut Ralligen is the former vineyard of the Augustinian Monastery in Interlaken. Since 1976 the Christustraeger Community has been running the property as a guesthouse for church and family groups, retreats and conferences.

The extraordinarily attractive landscape around Lake Thun and the Bernese Alps makes Ralligen a favoured place for our guests, who often in turn will invite friends to come along. The imposing beauty of the place seems to allow body and soul to relax and become open to the message of the Gospel. Our desire is to create an atmosphere of rest and recreation in which guests can orientate themselves towards God, the Source of all life. Retreat programmes are created by mutual agreement between ourselves and the group leaders.

If you are interested in spending some time here with your group or as individual guest, please contact Reception.

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