Christusträger Bruderschaft


Since 1986 the old Monastery in Triefenstein has been home to our Community. Currently fourteen Brothers live, pray and work here, alongside guests and other friends who live with us.


Since 1986 the monastery in Triefenstein has been home to our community. A long history of praying and working here started in 1102 when an Augustinian monastery was founded. Until 1803 Augustinian monks lived here, holding the Divine Office and undertaking pastoral ministry.

Like our predecessors we are committed to offering space for guests. In the ample grounds and buildings of the monastery we can host up to 90 guests on site. Guests are invited to join our Daily Prayers and we share most meals.

We have a number of workshops, which enable us upkeep the property.

Our guests come from churches or other groups, and often include families and individual guests as well.

The event programmes are created by mutual agreement between us and our visitors. Our aim is to facilitate retreat and reflection, discussion of bible texts, recreational walks and sport, and the encounter between big and small, old and young.

If you are interested in spending some time here with your group or as individual guest, please contact Reception.

Take a look at the photo gallery for some impressions of Triefenstein Monastery.

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