Christusträger Bruderschaft


Since 1969 some Brothers have been engaged in Afghanistan. At present there are two Brothers in Kabul, working in two outpatient clinics and in a technical support workshop for the city hospitals.


In autumn 1969 the first Brothers travelled to Afghanistan from Pakistan, and founded a small hospital in the village of Jalraiz for people with leprosy. 10 years later the work was brought to an end by the Russian invasion. We were forced to retire to Kabul to set up new treatment centres. Two small hospitals for leprosy and tuberculosis sufferers were established, alongside a technical support workshop for the city hospitals.

These institutions have become deeply rooted locally, and over the years many Afghan employees and Doctors have worked alongside the Brothers. The collaborative engagement even continued during the terrible years of civil war after the Russian invasion, enabling survival for many people.

Our work has been supported from the beginning by a large circle of friends.
Right now, our Brothers give support to the projects while living in Germany.


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